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K-12 Teacher and Student Blogs with BigBlueButton Web Conf and Kaltura Video

  • kennibc


    Hello Buddypressers,
    We have been using WPMU since 2006 in Dearborn Public Schools in Dearborn, MI. We have a very active teacher and student Buddypress setup with some features that I have not seen elsewhere. Our main teacher blogging tool we call iBlog and the student website is called Engage.

    Two of the most exciting features we can now offer staff are integrated web conferencing using BigBlueButton and Video/Multimedia using Kaltura. Our teachers can create web conference rooms complete with whiteboard, chat, audio/video, document sharing, and desktop sharing. It is very powerful and also open source. Kaltura video allows teachers to record right from their webcam and with a few clicks embed it into the blog. They can also upload video clips and actually “edit” them using Kaltura’s powerful online tools. No software needed. It is all done in the browser. Adding transitions, audio tracks, additional clips, etc is all possible.

    Here are some examples:
    (Look on the right siedbar for Web Conference. Enter your name and password is ‘ school ‘) You will be entering the conference with Attendee status.

    Kaltura Video:
    (At the bottom of the video player you will find two buttons. One for uploading and one for editing the video. Go ahead and click to see how easy the webcam recording and editing is.)

    Our student website is a walled garden. You must be a staff or student to login. We do allow students to be public at the request of the teacher. Here is an example of some student art portfolios:

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