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Keeping BP experience as simple as possible

  • jethro_s


    Hi everyone. Just installed WPMU 2.7.1 and BP trunk r1401 and it looks like it’s all running well.

    I’d like to keep BP simple for users… as simple as possible. For example, I don’t want people to be able to see the WordPress backend as it will take them out from BP user experience. I don’t want to give people options for how their page looks, what they can add or subtract, etc. I want to control all of this from the main WPMU admin as the site grows and keep the site very simple for users to post, interact and share information.

    Maybe there are some threads and tips I can be pointed to, other admins who are doing this. All comments and advise is very appreciated! Thank you to everyone who is working on BP, it is very slick!

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  • hyrxx


    there is a plugin to disable the dashboard but then obviously they cant edit the blog?

    i think what your looking for is just plain wordpress (not mu / multi user) and buddypress which is upcoming, theres a thread about it in the forum if your interested, it would definately be worth a read and then base your decision on that



    Thanks, I will check that out.

    I think I still need MU though, as I want each person to have his/her own “page aka limited blog”.

    Basically what I’d like users to be able to do is show up on the site, see a “home page” of all posts and various feeds that the main admin controls, have a “blog” of their own that they can control posts on (but not modify themes, plugins, etc), and be able to use the BP plugins to interact socially with each other.



    BuddyPress is a more socially focused, but still blog-centric, solution to social networking. From what it sounds like you want something social that gives each person a page to post to. You might try or Drupal’s social networking option.



    Might be worth reading this post… there are several suggestions from customization to removal and even making it into an aggregator…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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