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Language files are ignored or overwritten

  • formlos


    According to we should store the and bbpress-de_DE.po under /wp-content/languages/buddypress/, which we did. But these language files are being ignored.

    We are using buddypress in de_DE and made some tweaks to the wording (we replaced the string “group” with “cluster” in German).

    Buddypress uses the files stored under /wp-content/languages/plugins/ and ignores the aforementioned folder.

    What we already tried:

    • deleting the buddypress-de_DE files in /wp-content/languages/plugins/: this partially works. Buddypress then uses our files stored in /wp-content/languages/buddypress/. But somehow wordpress (or buddypress?) regenerates the files in /wp-content/languages/plugins/ after some hours. And then these “new” translations are used again of course. (Our own translations in /wp-content/languages/buddypress/ stay untouched by wordpress/buddypress)
    • Created a folder /wp-content/languages/plugins/buddypress and copied our files over to this folder. But to no avail – these files are being ignored completely (even if we delete the buddypress files in /wp-content/languages/plugins/).
    • Copied our files directly to /wp-content/languages/plugins/: this works until these files get overwritten after a couple of hours


    • WordPress 6.0.1
    • Buddypress 10.4.0
    • Custom template, which we’ve written on our own


    • What are we missing?
    • Is there a way to stop wordpress/buddypress regenerating the files living directly in /wp-content/languages/plugins/?
    • What is the right place to store our translations?
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