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last_activity empty in members loop

  • wordpressrene


    In the function bp_get_member_last_active() the activity is got from $members_template->member->last_activity, but it seems that this is always empty, even if i know that this member was active in the last few hours. I’m not sure, but i didn’t found the code, where last_activity is set, so maybe it has to be updated?
    In some other locations (for example in the member-header) the last activity is set by the function bp_get_last_activity() and there it works

    BuddyPress-Version: 2.7.2
    WordPress-Version: 4.6.1

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  • ryanrain


    Thanks @wordpressrene, I’m having a closely related issue. WP 4.6.1, BP 2.7.2.

    Just to restate the issue for clarity, my client brought to my attention what she considers to be a bug: in places such as the members listing and individual profiles, no recent update is shown for some members who *have* been active.

    looking around in the code, it appears that the bp_member_latest_update() function seems to not include forum replies or activity comments, just updates.

    HOWEVER, the bp_member_last_active() function DOES include activity comments in its calculation of how much time has passed since the user interacted with the site. One sees that a person was active, but for some mysterious reason that activity isn’t shown. My personal opinion is that all activity, including activity comments, should be included in bp_member_latest_update() by default, but my guess is that this is by design.

    Any advice as to how to print out a user’s most recent activity regardless of its type? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks everyone!



    It seems like the function bp_get_last_activity() prints out a user’s most recent activity regardless of its type. But I’m not 100% sure.



    bp_get_last_activity() prints the time of the last activity, not the actual activity. hence the contradiction: the user sees that something happened recently, but can’t see what that something was. thanks rene



    Maybe you should raise this on Trac?

    This isn’t really a Trac ticket subject, and is best handled in a forum setting really, I did pass comment though on Trac.

    On members loop last active simply states that when user last active the meta display is for last member status update not general site activity for a user id.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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