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Latest trunk, issue with using any theme other than budypress theme

  • James


    I have the latest version of the trunk installed, rev 1680, with the latest WP MU.

    So, I followed the directions, and moved the two theme folders, both…



    to the new location, which is /wp-content/themes/…

    Then, I activate just the bp-default.

    Here’s where I start getting issues, If i use the default MU theme, or any other theme that I upload, when I go to the landing page, the Buddy Press top nav, is not there, and all the links from the plugin, are shown in the footer.

    Also, if I try to go to /members, or /groups, it just re-directs back to the root of my site.

    Lastly, if I set the bp-default as the default theme, everything works lovely.

    I know you guys are still in dev, but is this going to be the case moving forward, where you have to skin the bp-default? In the current prod version, we can upload any new theme, and use that as the main blog theme, and then just customize the budypress member theme, to match it.

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  • Jeff Sayre


    The fact that, as you say, “everything works lovely” when you switch to the bp-default theme, indicates that BuddyPress is functioning properly. So, you have an issue with your custom theme.

    Any WP theme will work as a BP home theme as long as some additional files are included. With v1.1 of BP, basically the version you downloaded from trunk, BP switches to a parent/child theme architecture. So, you need to make sure the custom theme you are using can function as a parent theme.

    Look at the various files in the BP parent theme — bp-sn-framework. My guess is that your custom theme is missing many of those files.

    More information of the new parent/child theme architecture:



    Okay, gotcha.

    Going to take a look at the bp-sn-framework, see what I can get working.



    Not having any luck getting this parent/theme working. Is there any documentation on what files need to be moved to my parent theme, from the bp-sn-framework theme?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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