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Bottom, synchro swim at its best


    This is my first site with BP… yeah, it’s a BP, with everything on it. Don’t ask me how i did it, i do not have any idea.. rofl

    there is no adminbar on this theme, i completely integrated it to the top navigation part of the theme instead of the floating one.

    i will have a lot of work to rebuild the BP parts of the site, because there is way too much CSS involved in the original style, and i can not do it in a single day.. lol

    The design is from, but a BP version is unavalable until more requests are made to the company. This one is really customized from the Replicant2 theme.

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  • bpisimone


    Tres bien fait!

    I do like how the community stuff is all under one drop down menu.

    all these elements are simply lists under < ul>, so it is easy to move them around. when a user is logged-in, additional menus appear, like in the adminbar.

    ok, as i forgot to update this announcement, you can visit the site and you will see that we switched from a eye-candy style to a serious professional design, based on a wpmudev style…

    i customized the style and it is not completed yet… looks like my site will become popular in the sync swimming universe, as it is actually the one with the biggest content and the larger activity, as we’ll be a complete community in a week or two… *(time to register all the members of the club)

    something i will need is a plugin that make it possible to show all the pictures from posts from a single category…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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