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Let users create their own xprofile fields

  • gwu123


    Hi all,

    I want that user should be able to enter as many previous job titles as they want. Which means user should be able to dynamically add fields. One user may have just one previous job title to add where as other user may have 4 job titles to add.

    Any suggestions on how can i handle this?


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  • Paul Gibbs


    The easiest would be for you to create multiple profile fields (job 1, job 2…) and prompt users to leave blank if not appropriate.

    Another approach is to use a text area (one job per line), and then customise the output of this particular field to display how you wanted it to.

    xprofile wasn’t built with the idea of letting *users* (vs admins) creating new profile fields. I think trying to do this would be full of difficulty so I’d recommend against it.

    Hugo Ashmore


    Go with Paul’s second suggestion, you could make it a simple text input and instruct the user to add items comma separated and then grab the field and run an explode function on the comma to get a list you can loop over and display.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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