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Let’s define our goals and get together

  • zerosixeleven


    Hey folks. I’ve been following your threads and posts for quite a long time now.

    Finally I managed to register at and write down, what I am thinking.

    I don’t want to sound like a copycat… But let’s be honest. All those functions, demanded and already existing, lead to one simple conclusion:

    The community’s needs and wishes end up in a facebook clone…

    For me, it would be best to have some sort of facebook clone. Of course I am not trying to set up facebook². This would be naive anyway.

    I would rather build a community based on a specific subject.

    There is one subject, which could be (imho) very successful. I own a tld called When registering, I wanted to build up a newsblog, where only bad news shall be published. Later I thought about increasing functionality. Too sad, I didn’t have the time due to my job.

    Or great luck…

    But now I could find the time, if I could find some partners.

    We should get together, define the main goals and start developing. We could help Andy and start as a joint venture. Having a community in production state, where we all (team) have the same access rights could be a nice way of getting forward in a faster way.

    I am thinking about Nicola, Sgrunt and of course Andy, who should receive our reports regularly. But who else?!

    Anybody interested? If Andy could provide some webspace on one of his servers, I would change the domain’s nameserver settings.



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  • archik100


    How much equity are you giving me in this new venture? :D



    I forgot to mention, that I am not doing this because of believing in a big deal. This is rather a test drive, and maybe a funny project (something between cnn & rotten *g).

    Anyway…the project shall be shared. If we really manage to build a team, we should also be able to share any later income etc. (once more: big money is not my intention).

    John James Jacoby


    Let me try and answer this diplomatically because this seems like spam without being spam to me…

    BuddyPress isn’t Facebook, and it really doesn’t have any intentions of trying to imitate it. That’s up to an audience of GPL contributors to try and mold and shape it into that, if they so choose.

    BuddyPress also has a test development site already, to flex its muscles and allow people to use it as they like.

    There are unlimited domains available, with unlimited hosting and bandwidth options. None of what you’re offering really has anything to do with BuddyPress other than using it for potential profit. Contributing a domain that specializes in spreading bad news isn’t any part of Automattic’s roadmap that I’ve seen, so don’t count on getting any hosting.

    If what you’re doing is offering a business opportunity to specific individuals, you should contact them privately and see if they’re interested.

    (I’m locking this for now. If any other staff feels like re-opening it for discussion, go for it. My gut tells me this isn’t what the forums here are for.)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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