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Letting the user upload a custom background?

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  • gregfielding


    I used your extra snip to change the plugin to affect the container div. Works perfectly.



    anywhere we can see this awesomeness in action? like modemlooper said, and I suggested also months back to see if that groups-css plugin could be done to work with profiles. that would be A-OK.





    Has anyone tried using the farbtastic color picker with buddypress?



    I can’t seem to get this plugin to work for me. Im using the Citizen Kane theme. Everything shows up and lets me choose a background but the background doesnt actually show up.

    I have spent a little time porting this plugin over to BP 1.5, so that it now enables a profile banner image to be uploaded just like a Facebook timeline.

    The inject_css function targets the div#item-header container (in the bp-default theme), however there are a couple of functions that are needed to make the user experience smooth and trouble free;

    1. add a crop function after image has been uploaded, but before new header is displayed (I’m taking a look at the standard bp-default header customisation to see if we can adapt this), but would welcome any suggestions.

    2. the delete function really needs to be javascript enabled with a bit of ajax, in the same way that ‘Delete My Avatar’ functions within ‘Change Avatar’. It doesn’t make sense for a user to select the (delete) radio button and then upload an empty input field.

    3. I’ve noticed that the bp_core_add_message is not being cleared after a successful upload – any suggestions on how this can be fixed?

    4. ideally for non coders the plugin would need an admin page to customise the ‘inject_css’ parameters to suit the theme. I have mine set as a single image (background:url() no-repeat scroll left top transparent), but some themes might wish to allow the choice of repeating a background image, or even providing for some CSS3 gradient fill code.

    So, apart from adding image cropping and a bit of javascript it’s pretty much ready. If anyone is able to offer suggestions on the above fixes, I’ll wrap it up and fork it back onto github.

    If anyone else is desperately awaiting this plugin, I have posted a fork of the current code on github. I’m still working on it, but if you feel inspired to contribute then you’re welcome to join in. It’s BP 1.5 compatible and works fine on my dev site, I also attach an image to show how it looks when wrapped in some nice CSS..

    Github fork –

Viewing 7 replies - 26 through 32 (of 32 total)
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