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Level of connection/friendship

  • As a social network platform, a level of friendship/connection between 2 users is essential, for example: you may add some user only as a ‘contact’, or ‘friend’ or maybe closer e.g. family. When will BuddyPress implement this? I think it’s one of the basic need of a social network engine.

    I know it’s still a long way. There are lots to do now. I’m not asking for a nice, user friendly interface, right now. Only a generic scheme, the database structure, etc. I think it’s better to consider adding it before everything’s got more complicated and solid. In the future, this thing should be customizable, perhaps like a user role in WP.

    Or is it already developed here?

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  • Chris Taylor


    I’m not sure how far Andy’s got will this, but the code I donated to him earlier in the year allows user to assign tags to their friends (i.e. “friend”, “family”, “drinking buddy” etc). The user can then allow permissions for friends with certain tags to view different parts of their profile.

    This is working pretty well on, and I’m happy to help implement this for BuddyPress too.

    It may already be in there, I’m embarrassingly behind the times with my copy of BP.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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