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Lil bug after 1.2.1 – Menu tab

  • davidnobrega


    First of all: BuddyPress is amazing. I´m a WP noob, and step-by-step, I´m doing my job here.

    I did my first WPMU+BP install a ouple days ago and (lucky?), today I have made the update. The new theme is great and I did some css custom (just css) changes. It´s working fine, but at the new theme my home page change to 3 columns. It was what I was looking for.

    My bug: Just one lil thing isn´t working here, the [blog] tab. [Blogs] are ok, but the main blog not. I put a journal plugin at new home page, so I cant see all topics, but not join this blog.

    If I could delete this [blog] tab, it´s fine for me. Any help?

    PS: Advice – If you try update Buddypress+ WMPU with any plugin activate, will crash. Disable ALL of them, not just BP plugins.

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