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Limit Member Features per plan

  • spantelis97


    Hello there. I have some questions. Firts lets say a scenario about a community social network website that i want to build. Lets say that i want the free members to be able to watch, 10profiles per day, send 10 messages per day etc. And paid members to have unlimited access to everything. Can this be achieved in BP? Also lets go to the another question i have. I want a social wall like facebook that will show only posts, photos, videos, etc not groups activity etc. How to do it?

    Thank you everyone for reading this

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  • Carlen


    I personally haven’t seen anything with this specific functionality out of the box, but this is partially due to not knowing what plugin you are using for sending messages.

    I have done similar style restrictions with:

    WordPress Membership Plugin


    User Role Editor

    You give someone a user type when they pay and this works well with many different plugins, though it is possible you may need to get in and do some custom code for the “x” amount of “actions” per day.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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