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Limit Private Messaging to only 2 Users

  • metalhead


    I’ve seen this topic discussed in an old thread, however, the solution was never made public.

    I’m looking for a way to thwart the the input box display for additional recipients while composing a message.

    The best way to do this, I assume, is to check to see if the first recipient string is empty. If it’s not empty, then we need to use inline css to hide the element:

    input#send-to-input.send-to-input.ac_input (I think that’s the one)

    I tried to take a hack at compose.php in my child theme, in an attempt to locate the spot where the additional recipient text box gets displayed. However, I can’t identify which variable needs to be checked (to see if it’s a blank string or not.)

    Any advice on this subject will be very helpful. Once I get it working, I’ll be glad to share the instructions in this thread so others can accomplish the same task with ease.

    Thank you.

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