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Limitations to Installing BuddyPress on a Separate Site or a Subdomain

  • debbrancheau


    I have a client that is concerned about risque content appearing on the BuddyPress area of the site (due to the nature of his business). So we are considering either using a separate site or a subdomain to install BuddyPress.

    I’m concerned about what types of challenges I might face that I cannot predict right now. For example, integrating widgets that displays BP content on the main site.

    Is installing BP on another domain or a subdomain and integrating it with the main site a simple thing to do? Can anyone think of possible problems?

    I just have a sense that some features/processes might not be available on this type of install that might be available by just installing on the main site.

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  • AFAIK, installing BuddyPress on a subdomain of WordPress MultiSite won’t give you BP widgets (and other content) on a main site, thus you won’t be able easily (without coding) display BuddyPress content on any site in the network, excerpt the BP-site.
    So BuddyPress content will be available only on site where you activated BuddyPress.

    I hope I’ve answered your question.

    David Cameron Law


    If you install BuddyPress on the main domain you can use the Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin (I’m the developer) to show/hide widgets on specific sections of a site.

    Just released version 1.1.0 which includes specific widget logic support for BuddyPress/bbPress, could set the widgets for the BuddyPress parts of the site to NOT load on non-BuddyPress sections, this would stop some ‘bleed through’ of content from BuddyPress to the rest of the site.

    That being said, from an SEO perspective (my background is SEO) there are other issues that could leak out to potential Google visitors.

    Check this Google search:

    Note the WordPress Plugin Repository listing (1st result) has six additional indented results (called sitelinks:

    The 6 links for the WordPress Plugin Repository listing are benign, but if there was an adult section of WordPress it could be listed as a sitelink.

    From a WordPress perspective there’s also the core WordPress Search functions. The Static Pages that BuddyPress uses for ‘holding’ the BuddyPress specific output can be found via a search. If you have the default BuddyPress setup try using the WordPress Search Form to search for the word “Members”.

    This will find your BuddyPress Members Directory Holding Page.

    Same result with “Registration”, “Activate” and “Activity”.

    It’s difficult to prevent bleed through of different types of WordPress content, so if your client is conservative I’d suggest a sub-domain/other domain to play it safe and manually add interlinking via Text Widgets and Nav Menu Links.

    David Law



    So we have to install it on a subdomain. That said I need some way to display some content from that site on the main site.

    There were two things I could think of:

    1. using something like Advanced iFrame Pro
    2. setting up some kind of RSS-type thing where the subdomain spits out the RSS and the main domain reads it in.

    Are either of these somewhat sensible solutions?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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