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Link Canonical Tags – not in Groups? Or forum topics?

  • I really really hate to bang on about this silly little thing called SEO, but it’s just doing my head in.

    Without it, no one will ever want to use BP as they will simply get hammered by the search engines.

    I’ve only just realised that there are no canonical tags in either groups or forum topics.

    This, combined with the fact that page titles do not change on paginated pages is a total nightmare.

    How can people be expected to launch BP on live sites, when it will do their site serious harm, especially in this post PANDA environment?

    Is there a focus at all being put on SEO by developers? If not, how come?

    I don’t want to be here moaning and complaining, I just want to see BP be all it can be and more.

    I LOVE BP, but I also love the traffic I get from Google, and BP will hurt that considerably.

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