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Links not working?

  • BurgerBaron


    I have BuddyPress 1.6.1 running on WP 3.4.1 with the amazing “suffusion” theme and the suffusion buddypress pack 1.11 by Sayontan Sinha.

    The “action” links in my “Members Directory” page do nothing if I click them, but if I right-click and open them in a new tab, they have the desired effect.

    I’ve only been using WP for a couple of days, and so haven’t really sorted out how this stuff is all supposed to interact. What I can see is that the action links have a jQuery “click” listener, and I’m wondering if my jQuery versions are somehow getting crossed up. When I examine the page, I see jQuery the page has jQuery 1.7.2.

    Thanks for any help you may be able to offer. If I can just get this one thing working, BuddyPress is *exactly* what I’ve been looking for!

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  • Aron Prins


    This sounds to me like a loading problem – make sure the their Suffision BP Pack is correct cause it sounds like it aint loading the ajax.php and global.js file located in the /_inc/ folder…


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