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List member type members in seperate page

  • mikeVhd


    How can I show each member type members in seperate page?
    WordPress version:6.0
    BuddyPress version:10.3.0

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  • mandro


    Hi @mikeVhd

    If you are using Olympus theme, based on my Experiences, you should have a Youzify plugin inside. That plugin has a Members Directory shortcode where you can put it on a separated page.



    Thank you so much, it works properly.I have used shortcode of this link:

    I want to tell a scenario and I will be so appreciated if you tell me your idea:
    I want to design a social network by using Olympus theme, Yousify, BuddyPress and some other plugins.
    In this network we have 5 member types and every member type has some sub member types. Every body should be able to select the member type while registrig in website.
    We also want to have vip members and common members and get pay from vip members. Non vip members should be restricted for some activity. For example just vip members could be able to post. So non vip members sould be able to just see the others posts. We have also affiliate system. And pay commision for marketers that invite new members that register in website. So I think I can use affiliate pro and restrict content pro beside buddypress.
    What is your idea and if there is/are better softwares I will be appreciated if you recomond me.
    Thanks a lot.



    Hello @mikeVhd

    I know that Youzify has Member Type add-on plugin to achieve that. But to make sure about it, you may contact the official plugin author team and ask them about it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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