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Listing Specific Groups

  • Tom Huston


    I am building a site, currently on 1.1.3 but fully plan on upgrading to 1.2, and there are several main or specific groups that I would like to be hilighted. Is there a way to get a group by id or would such a nav have to be hard coded? I was also thinking it might be possible to grab a list of groups based on creator (by the site admin).

    Any wisdom is much appreciated!

    – Tom

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  • Erwin Gerrits


    To grab the groups created by the site admin would be the same code as the groups listing on the admin profile page. It fetches all groups for the current user_id, which in case of the site admin, is always ‘0’. It would involve a loop with bp_has_groups with user id set to ‘0’.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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