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Load Newest

  • navinachettri


    1. If this feature had to be made then having a button/link to actually load is pretty dumb and not user friendly. If it had to be be done then it should happen automatically without the user’s intervention to click.

    2. This function is interfering with Activity Loop Filters. For example when I use the filter:

    <?php if ( bp_has_activities( bp_ajax_querystring( ‘activity’ ).’&object=groups,friends,status,blogs’ ) ) : ?>

    (i) First of the newer NOT newest activity is not shown. (If we don’t use the filter then the newer activity shows)
    (ii) After the time out of 15 sec (I guess) the (annoying) Load Newest appears.
    (iii) Clicking on the Load Newest makes the newer feeds appear but also along with the items excluded by the filter. (in the case of my example above the profile update).

    Please let us know how to make load newest optional till the the above bugs are corrected.

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