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[Tutorial] Locate BuddyPress Root Directory in HostGator (Novice)

  • txrunner


    I’m using BuddyPress 1.6.4. My site is:

    For possible novices out there that were directed to make a change in their BuddyPress root directory, I can provide some direction if you downloaded BuddyPress from HostGator. I’m posting this as I spent 12-hours trying to get online help and help from HostGator without success. I don’t want the same to happen to you…

    Here are the directions:
    1. Login to HostGator cPanel from the HostGator home page
    2. Scroll down to the folders section
    3. Click on File Manager
    4. When the File Manager Directory Selection opens, click on the bottom radio button (Document root for:)
    5. Click the drop down box and choose your website
    6. Click check box that says Show hidden files and hit go
    7. In the File Manager screen, click on the WWW file near the bottom
    8. When that opens, click on your site (for example, my site is, so the folder says “test”)
    9. In that file, you will find important folders like wp-admin and wp-content. Many important files (like CSS, plugins, themes, upgrades, uploads) are in those two folders.


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