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Location of bp_member_header_actions ?

  • Hastig


    I’m wanting to look at the code for bp_member_header_actions so I can write a function based on it.

    It’s the action that collectively outputs the avatar, add friend and private message buttons on a users profile page.

    I’ve searched all files in bp-core, bp-friends, bp-members and bp-messages.

    do_action( 'bp_member_header_actions' );

    I’m not even seeing it mentioned on

    Anybody know off hand where it is before I check everywhere else?

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  • danbp




    It doesn’t handle the avatar.
    It creates Friend, Public & Private messages buttons.
    And provides a hook for you to add another call.

    See function setup_actions() in this file for where it is hooked to create the default buttons:



    Thanks very much guys!

    Is it just my blind eyes or is impossible to read? Font size is tiny, color is invisible. A fantastic resource though, bookmarked it, thanks again!

    For anybody interested, I just wanted a ‘send private message’ button that I could place anywhere on the page.

    The simple way seems to be to use this..

    <?php bp_send_private_message_button(); ?>

    On click it will open the send message page with the person you want to message already set.

    bp_send_private_message_button is a function that echos bp_get_send_message_button
    bp_send_private_message_button is located in /bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php


    if you’re wanting to change the text of the link you can add this to functions.php or bp-custom.php

    function custom_change_send_private_message_text($args) { 
    	$args[link_text] = 'send message'; 
    	return $args;
    add_filter( 'bp_get_send_message_button_args', 'custom_change_send_private_message_text', 1, 1 );

    ..thats courtesy of shanebp..

    another version i was playing with if its of use to anyone..

    function custom_change_send_private_message_text($args) { 
    	$userName = bp_get_displayed_user_username();
    	$args[link_text] = 'send ' . $userName . ' a private message'; 
    	return $args;
    add_filter( 'bp_get_send_message_button_args', 'custom_change_send_private_message_text', 1, 1 ); would have to figure out how to remove the hyphen from the username.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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