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Looking for advices – alumni simple website

  • vincekesha


    Hello everyone,

    Very nice to e-meet you.
    I am seeking for advices.
    I would like to launch an alumni website and thought Buddypress would be the best for that.
    Do you know if someone of the community already did a tutorial?
    The main goal is :
    – to have an alumni directory
    – members profile should display only their resume (CV with things such as current and past positions, associations, diplomas, year of graduation from our uni featured)- nothing such as wall post and activity on the website.
    – ability to post positions / apply for positions

    So I found out buddypress might be the best plugin but wondered 1) if i am right or 2) do you see any other one instead?
    Second question : are the feature I look for easily implemented (I don’t speak about theme here) if I know wordpress or should it require extensive customisation?
    – is there a recommended wordpress plugin for the job board which would be highly compatible with Buddypress and make it less painful for customisation? Maybe Wp job board?

    Thanks a lot lot in advance for any recommendations over those points.

    Kind regards,


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