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Looking for help in converting premium wordpress theme.

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  • @elbowrobo What help do you want from the community? When you say you are at a complete loss what is the issue you are having, it would help to know what you have tried and what the issues are that you have hit.

    The template pack is only meant as a helping hand, starting point – it does require that you do some manual file editing of a basic nature and for that you do need rudimentary HTML skills and ability to understand how read code and copy paste it around. Without those skills you might struggle and perhaps need to be getting a developer to help you or choosing a theme that has already been template packed.

    Have you actually followed the guides written by mercime in the BP Codex? these are extremely helpful walkthrough guides to working through the steps involved including the manual step 3; or look at the general list of themes that mercime has added and maybe choose one of those instead?



    I am competent in reading code, but I don’t know what needs to be changed.
    The plugin to do this says I need to edit header-buddypress, sidebar-buddypress and footer-buddypress so what exactly do I need to do to these files?

    You reply suggest you haven’t read through the guides I mentioned above?! If not please do so as they have been written to help users.

    You have to match those files to your themes primary html markup as that is where things differ, your theme will have certain major layout elements e.g id=”container” the BP files must match to your themes markup, generally you would use index.php or page.php as your themes example to follow

    The list of themes already put through the process by mercim are listed here:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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