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Loop members based on custom taxonomy and xprofile

  • cesasol


    Hi, I’m working on a project where I have to populate the contents of a page using custom post types and taxonomies with members of buddypress.
    Members fill out a field check boxes that match the terms of taxonomy to be used, then I have to fill posts with members that meet at least one match box checked with taxonomy term and then add the user to post.

    Navigation would be:
    User enters the “services” in the menu.
    Then see a list of services in card format
    Clicking has to display the “post” service with a short description and down members offering such services with a link to their profiles buddypress.

    Members will have the following experience:
    After registering as a special type of user they are activated the profile field “Professionals”, which, along with other fields will be the field of “treatments” that will check boxes. As save their changes, for example, they marked the “facial radiofrequency” box, your profile will appear in the services that have the taxonomy term “facial radiofrequency”

    It can be done in each post or maybe making a specific template with one using variables, and enter the custom loop within the loop the post after <php the_content (); ?> And before endwhile.

    The problem is that the loop is not done, and after searching I found I was developing #5839 but I could find no documentation.

    Thanks in advance.

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