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Lost Media Library at move from WP Single to WPMU with BP 1.2

  • Roland Fauster



    I am aware that this is not be a Buddypress Problem but I have been helped here before and I thought I will try my luck.

    I just transfered my Blog that was running on WP Single Installation (2.8.6) to WPMU ( with Buddypress integration.

    While everything went more or less smooth (with the usual hickups), one thing I can not seem to get my head around is the Media Library that is now empty.

    I had all the files on the WP at wp-content/uploads/ and moved them to wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/ now.. Changed all the image links in the posts etc and set the dirs in wpmu options right.. the site shows all the images on the frontend but none of the editors can select any more “old” images.

    New Images upon Upload show up fine though in the Media Libray!

    Maybe somebody had the same problem and cares to share?


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  • Roland Fauster


    Eventually I found the problem.. Every Media that gets uploaded is stored in the wp_x_posts table and when I transfered the Data, I thought why not delete all these Auto Save files (with the status “inherit” in it).. Well this deleted the post attachments too.

    So the post_attachments are stored in the postmeta aswell as the posts table (in case somebody else runs in the same problem)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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