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lost my status as site admin. how to restore?

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    Hi –

    As I was preparing for a SSO integration, I made the mistake of changing my site admin username in the mysql db.


    I am now logged in as an administrator, and have lost my access privileges to the site admin.

    Any ideas how to restore this? Okay, I went in and changed the username back and all is well.

    So now a rhetorical question for Andy – could you send me instructions on how to change my admin username? Is it possible? With SSO, you have an external source that sends a username and password. It compares that with what is in the buddypress db and gives access or creates a new account.

    Since the folder will be protected as well, I really need to change username to what is used in the SSO, otherwise I will have to create a second account in the SSO just for buddypress.



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  • Burt Adsit


    You can create another user and make them a site admin in: Site Admin > Options > Administration Settings (Site Admins)

    That lists all the users who are desginated ‘site admins’. This might help:

    Perhaps your earlier trial at this didn’t work because your new username wasn’t on the list? If you are going to do the db route again add the new username first. :)


    Thank you very much Burt. Got it all sorted.


    Wanted to warn all buddypress members to be VERY careful following the advice of the link on Burt’s topic. This is by no means a slam to Burt. I just want to relay what happened to me.

    Goal: change my usersname

    First action: change field in database

    Result: lost site admin privileges.

    Second action: changed field back to original username

    Result: regained lost site amind privileges.

    Third action: per Burt’s advice, added a new user and added the username to the Site Admin > Options > Administration Settings (Site Admins)

    Result: able to login with the second username and have siteadmin privileges.

    Fourth action: removed original username from Site Admin > Options > Administration Settings (Site Admins), and deleted the record from the database

    Result: lost all siteadmin access for me and also for any of the 5 other users. impossible to regain access

    Fifth action: create new MySql db, make new subdirectory, reupload all files and begin installation process.

    Result: lost countless hours of sleep, lots of work but all is at it should be.

    – Brian

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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