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Major issue with Activity Comments, All Comments Show After Loading

  • avoice


    Hi everyone, I use the latest WordPress and Buddypress. For the past few days we have been looking into this and we could not find any solutions. Since our community will be having lots of comments (25+ per activity item) it’s really important that we are able to fix this. The person that gets us the solution we will give a $50 reward (via PayPal)!


    If you scroll down the activity stream, you will see an activity item ( = permalink) with 7 comments. You only see 5 and you have a link where you can click to see all the comments. Perfect!

    But when you click “Load More” and more Activity Items show, also, with 5+ comments you DON’T get the “Show all comments” link. They just all show… Which is terrible if you have 25+ comments.

    You can see it for yourself @

    Please, we have tried everything but are unable to fix this. It seems like as if it’s just the Buddpress code? Who can help us out? Again, the person that gets us the solution we will give a $50 reward (via PayPal)!

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  • Johannes


    I have the same problem. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?
    Help is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.




    Do you use latest bp version ? What is the theme you use ?
    Also give details around your issue. Which comments are concerned by the issue described over 1 year ago (bp 1.8 – 1.9 stage), as many things changed since that version….



    @danbp do you not remember talking to me about this very issue a week or 2 ago in a post?

    this is the exact same issue i am talking about, its not theme or plugin specific it happens on any fresh and new buddypress install without any plugins running at all and with all the default themes, i have extensively tested with numerous fresh installs.

    as i mentioned in that thread this is a very troublesome problem, why on earth dont a few devs just check out this problem by just installing buddypress with a fresh wordpress install then post about 40-50 dummy status updates in the stream and then about 10 from the bottom add over say 7 comments then another 10 statuses up add another 7 comments and finally add another seven comments to near the top.

    now after doing that go and refresh the page and you will find that the first 7 comments you see in the closest status to the top will only show 5 of the 7 and an option saying show all comments will appear (how they should be), then scroll down to the load more button and click it and notice the statuses after you click the load more button show all 7 comments instead of hiding after 5!!!!!! (7 is used as an example so imagine if 30 comments have been made on a status! makes the activity stream very loooooooooooooooooong!

    this takes me on average less than 5 minutes to replicate every single time from a fresh install, the reason most of you are not seeing it is because i think you are not testing past 5 or more comments!



    this is why i have now had to implement an expand and collapse comments button next to each status update so users can collapse statuses with alot of comments then expand them when they want to read them!




    apologize if i don’t remember what i answered to you when i’m answering to somebody else in a different topic.

    I can’t answer in name of the devs, but i can tell you that i’m testing on a fresh vanilla install mostly everything before answering or giving some advice here. And if i’m (we’re) asking for theme name, it is to use it eventually to reproduce an issue to the closest of the user environment.

    As BP contributor, i’m also using a trunk install and i’m pretty sure that any dev do the same.
    Aside, i have several other install, locally and online, with different themes and plugin.

    About SWA now or group activities.
    By default, BP allows users to comment almost each activity type. But every site doesn’t need to use this oportunity.

    By default, the load more button paginates the content after 50 activities, and also by default, an activity feed can be very long if you use “load more” till the end of your activities history.

    If you haven’t receive the answer you expected, it’s because the described issue is not a issue, but how it works globally. And if you consider that your comments should be nested or hidden with a toggle button, you can add it. Understand also that it is not a default feature. It maybe annoying for YOUR project, and absolutely uninteresting for others. C’est la vie ! And in any case you’re free to use and tweak BP to your convenience.

    Another important thing is that status updates are not topics or treads, but firstly thinked for short messages to others. That is also the reason why you have no text editor for activity comments.

    Using status updates for conversations maybe convenient in groups, when not using a group forum. And even in this case, the activity layout and the possible length of answers can rapidly bring to reading difficulties. A little inconvenient that explain the success of P2 theme, imho.

    Personally i prefer to open a group forum, if group members are great talker, as let them spill over an cheap ajaxified textarea between many other unrelated activity stuff.

    There is no ideal handling (meaning adaptable to each case) of such by default. BP is made for the most common general usage first, but fortunately comes with hundreds of filters and hooks who let each owner add and remove what he want. All these had to be customized and tailored for each project.



    @danbp yes thats what i was saying about it not being theme or plugin specific as a problem because you can create this no matter what install of bp you are using.

    If you haven’t receive the answer you expected, it’s because the described issue is not a issue, but how it works globally

    in otherwords you mean you all know about this and just cannot figure out how to stop this behavior from happening within buddypress yet after clicking the load more tab, sorry to be blunt lol but its quite obvious that this is the case, because then comes the question of why the collapsing of comments was added in the first place within buddypress if it can only work on the first 50 activity updates until clicking the load more button.

    i do not believe for a second that this was added with the intent of it not working when scrolling down and clicking the load more button, because as anyone who uses any kind of social network knows ” WE ALL SCROLL DOWN AND READ OLDER COMMENTS” especially if we havent logged in for a day or two.

    look i am not complaining about using free software that other people have spent countless hours and dedicated all there time to make it what it is, to be honest it is utterly brilliant and i thank everyone involved because without buddypress i wouldnt be able to achieve what my site can do, all i am saying is that it is a very troublesome feature the way it works right now and i think it really should be addressed. (if the feature was added to collapse comments after 5 for the first 50 status updates you see only then fine, but like i said i dont believe that for a second. its more like its an issue that has not been solved.

    this is why i have now added my own solution for now by adding a collapse and expand comments button for anyone to use after they have clicked the load more button, and if anyone wants help doing that i will give them the code.



    So to summarize, the activity comments are not being collapsed when you hit the “Load More” button, correct?

    If so, this sounds like a javascript event delegation bug. Once someone else has duplicated this issue, can someone please post this on our ticketing system?

    Use the same credentials as you use here on



    @r-a-y Yes mate, you have summarized it correctly.

    May i add one other important note though, this has NOT just started happening, this has been happening in buddypress since i started using it in 1.9!

    I have been mentioning this issue for a while , i have tested this on 3 different live servers and a home setup using desktopserver, all with fresh installs of wordpress and buddypress alone (NO OTHER PLUGINS EVERYTIME), How many times have i tested since 1.9? well lets say its gotta be at least 100 fresh installs of wordpress all with default themes since wordpress 3.7 ish.

    if you want to go look for yourself there is a perfect example of this happening at buddyboss demo theme if you log in and hit the load more button then add over 5 comments to a test status then refresh it and scroll down and hit load more again, you can do this here where you will then notice they are not collapsed .

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