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Major theme pain

  • I posted elsewhere about the default theme, and therefore my child theme, throwing up a nastily unformatted page when a View permalink is clicked in the Activity stream. @thekmen made these suggestions;

    it’s pretty easy to theme, in your child theme, just add:
    div id=”content”
    div class=”padder”
    for default theming after the get_header call in members/single/activity/permalink.php of your child theme.
    Don’t forget to close off the extra DIVS though.
    Sorry, forgot, you will need to add
    locate_template( array( ‘sidebar.php’ ), true )
    just above get_footer() in that file.

    … which didn’t work, unfortunately. I’m struggling with BP theming, as it’s certainly not straightforward compared to a standard WP one. While I said that the View link seemed absolutely useless, and many of our target audience won’t know what the heck it is, I’d like to pull the theme back on track. It’s the base BP Default theme which is at fault, and I don’t know how to make this particular view/page display in the same way as every other.


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  • thekmen


    @lincme as code posting is borked here, post your current members/single/activity/permalink.php on I see no reason that this template would be hard to theme.

    don’t forget to update the css width on that page as well

    @thekmen, It’s pasted at That includes Rich’s additions (except I forgot the last line, but it makes no difference when in). It’s basically a clone of the Default BP theme. (I’ve tried switching to the Default, and it comes up with the same mess in View permalink). Every other page, including WP pages I construct, or Post pages, all appear perfectly well and within the normal theme page structure, ie., correct width, header, sidebar, content, etc.

    @nuprn1; Update the css width? Sorry, but my head’s a shed at the moment, with trying to sort out a stack of other inconsistencies.

    Edit: I added the following line and the sidebar appears, but in the wrong place. And there’s no header bar and links. My head’s gone! :(

    [?php locate_template(array(‘sidebar.php’), true); ?]

    the default.css has a few references to the activity permalink page to narrow the width



    @lincme just tried your template file & it works fine for me,
    only thing it was missing is
    php locate_template( array( 'sidebar.php' ), true )
    Have you a live site we can see your issues on?

    @thekmen; Yes, it’s at The View permalink page works now (thanks for the css tip Rich) but the display is still a bit odd, and there’s no header bar links. I’ll leave it up until tomorrow morning, then back on ‘maintenance’ so it doesn’t scare anyone. :)



    @lincme it looks fine to me, if you want to add ‘header bar links’ you will want to add them to that template file.

    @thekmen; I’ve lost the plot now as I’m falling asleep, but will have a look tomorrow. Right now, I can’t see why the header links don’t show as they do on all other pages, the various php files filling in, as it were. It’ll probably make sense after a good sleep. Thanks for checking it out.



    @lincme hard to tell what header links you want there but i’d suggest looking at a template file that does show the links you want & copying that section of code to that template file.

    Hi @thekmen, @nuprn1. I got mixed up about how the theme lays out pages, trying to fix a number of things all at once, as you do. I think the BP theme issues others have faced too are because its layout in terms of file structure seems over-complicated after modifying ordinary WP themes. I may get some time to return to this later today, but the feeling still hanging around in my mind is, “Why doesn’t header.php just create the header bar and links for all pages, as you’d expect in a WP theme? Something to look at again in a wide-awake mood! Thanks for taking the time to help with this guys.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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