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Make everything so users can’t add/edit/delete/change ANYTHING??

  • TC Conway


    I’m working on a fiction/narrative piece and need a very specific site for my readers. I think BuddyPress might be the perfect solution…if I can lock it down and prevent logged in users from editing everything.

    The plan is to create a new website using BuddyPress, create only a handful of accounts, fill them up with content and finally allow my readers to log into each and read the conversations, view friends, relationships, etc. BUT…my readers should not be able to change ANYthing. This includes every single thing in BuddyPress as well as updating the user account info. Think of this site I’m describing as a way to snoop

    To recap:

    • Site: Brand new, members only. The public can’t see a thing without logging in. Thinking BuddyPress (obviously!) + other plugins could fill the bill here.
    • The entire site will be private, and users have to log in to read each profile. This will allow readers to view different sides of the story by reading private messages just between 2 characters.
    • I’ll create several accounts then create content showing them are interacting with each other.
    • I want to allow my readers to actually log in to each account, but prevent them from changing ANYthing. They should be able to click around, read private messages and “consume” everything that that user has access to.
    • Admins can still edit content: This is a nice to have, but not a deal breaker. I’ll be setting up the entire site and creating all the content before I allow my readers to be able to log in.

    Possible? Would love your thoughts on this. I feel there might be a super simple custom bit of PHP in bp-custom.php or another approach?


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  • VibeThemes


    this would be a long developer thing, basically you need to check all bp_setup_nav and use that filter to change the permission levels at the time when components are registered.

    The quicker fix is to simply use some css and hide the controls you want to hide.

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