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makes site not clickable

  • UgoDimma


    hey guys, please my site is totally dump now, there is nothing clickable apart from the header, every other thing is as if there is a layer that covers everything. One vannot read any post by clicking on it. this started after creating a forum with bbpress and buddypress.

    I installed buddypress and bbpress and everything works well, but the moment i create a group and added a forum to it, everything get hooked up. but when i deleted the forum, everything came back to normal. i have tried to deactivated all the plugin one by one and later re-activated them, but non of them solve the issue, which i guess is not from other plugin.

    I tried to switch theme, from gantry framework to twenty fourteen, it solved the problem, but am not good with twenty fourteen.

    Please do have a look at my site and tell me what to do.

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  • In switching theme though you had the answer this is a theme issue; as to what the issue might be with this Gantry theme is one can only speculate as there is insufficient information to debug and it’s a third party theme most of us probably are unfamiliar with.

    The actual issue lies in the class ‘rt-container’ and it’s position:relative used in this manner without containing it’s floated elements it’s wreaking havoc, as a fix you could add overflow: hidden; to it’s ruleset or if the stylesheet describes a clearfix ruleset apply that class to the elements with class ‘rt-container’ other than that you must take the issue back to the theme authors as they need to account for what is happening and provide a long term solution in thier styles.



    Hey thanks for the reply, but please am not good in coding, can you give me a specific guide on how to carry on this instruction you directed?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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