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Making the changes from Trac

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    Lots of stuff gets fixed or improved every day through Trac. How can I include these improvements into my own installation?

    Is it purely a case of copying the code into the correct files?

    Thanks all

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  • The actual code lives in a SVN repository. Keeping up to date with the latest version is called the “trunk.”. Be aware the SVN trunk may at any point be very buggy or just plain broken – after all it is not a proper release.

    Refer to the BP download page for the SVN CO path. If you’re migrating from the RCx builds I suggest you SVN CO in to a new folder, copy your config and anything custom across from your current install directory, and then replace your “old” BP install with the SVN copy. You can then use this command in future to update your SVN copy to the current version: svn update

    John James Jacoby


    If you’re using a windows machine, research a program called TortoiseSVN, it will allow you to turn a plain old directory on your computer into a download directory for the SVN that you export into (never liked that it was called export, should be import, but whatever.)

    Pauls’ right though… Typically the Trunk is safe, but because it’s not rigorously tested in any kind of capacity by multiple people, it has the potential to introduce new bugs by fixing old ones.

    I went through a phase as a developer where I wanted to stay on the bleeding edge of the updates, but to be honest it gets to be difficult to keep up with the updates.

    My suggestion is to be as patient as you can with what’s available because it’s typically the most stable, and only update to a trunk version if something specific is fixed that you need, and you are instructed to do so to alleviate your issues.



    Fantastic advice – thanks very much!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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