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Map BP Groups to Subdomains

  • Matt Edminster


    I’m building the equivalent of an intranet site where each department is represented by a buddypress group. The original plan was to give each department its own blog mapped to subdomains but an entire blog seemed like overkill and ran the risk of hiding blogs representing less active departments.

    Going with buddypress groups means that departments contribute “updates” via the activity stream and “discussion” via forums … much more in line with the way they communicate anyway. The loss is that we wanted to have the appearance of departments as entities unto themselves within a larger organizational identity.

    Wp multisite (running on subdomains) would say … where blog = department >
    What would it take to make bp behave the same way … where group = department >

    In my novice head I imagine this could be accomplished through .htaccess. But how?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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