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  • How do you get the word out about your BP based site? Do you rely on paid advertising (Google adwords and the like), or just do a ton of internet legwork to keep costs down?

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  • No one wants to share?



    Heya, I think this little article could point you in the right direction…

    I’ll be doing a blog article on my blog soon, so I’ll be sure to send you a link.

    Thanks :)

    I’m up for any help I can get…I checked out your list of top sites, but unfortunately, mine doesn’t fit very well into any of them.

    At this point, I’m planning on posting on other parenting, cloth diaper, and crafting related sites (mine is geared toward all of those communities), as well as trying to motivate my beta users to spread the word. I’m also thinking of covertly taping quarter page fliers to the backs of disposable diaper boxes at Target, but my husband thinks that might be going a bit too far, lol!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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