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Marketplace without sales through the website

  • irenuzza80


    Hi guys,
    Thanks for the great job!

    I want to create a marketplace where members will be able to upload products (photos, info made with BP Forms I assume) but the sale WILL NOT go through the website, meaning the buyers (members as well) will contact the sellers through message and arrange privately all the aspects of the sale.
    I have Dokan Pro and BuddyPress that came with the theme I bought, but at the moment it seems like this combination doesn’t work for what I want and need.

    My question is: Can I achieve having a social marketplace, where people WILL be able to upload products, but WON’T do the sales through the website (something like a Catalogue), with BuddyPress only? Can I just turn Dokan off, coz their dashboard is totally complicated and unnecessary for my idea (even when put on Catalogue mode)?

    Thanks in advance, looking forward to your answer!


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  • Venutius


    So if it’s just a catalogue content creation type thing you should be able to do it with the right combination of plugins and a bit of customisation. You’d need to find a suitable solution for the product catalogue but it’s just a custom post type with specific templating. There’s a few ways of doing it, if you don’t need the eccommerce there’s no need for the bloat of it.

    Then you just need to sort out the user messaging, I’ve a plugin, BP Profile Shortcodes Extra, it’s got a private message shortcode, any vendor could use that to let their customers know how to contact them.

    I’ve another plugin, BP Messaging Control, it allows you to set rules on who can message who. Not sure if you want to control that but it could help stop sellers spamming users.

    There’s also stuff you can do to customise the messaging interface itself – you can insert content pretty easily and there’s a range of options for customising the use profile area, which is where BP Messaging lives.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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