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Mass delete blogs

  • dwarfsibling


    if I could keep some kept before a certain date that would be great, any guidance appreciated

    if you want background (worst part is, I have new registration turned off…it’s turned off – blog users can’t create their own users, but somehow I have new bot registrations) – cross-posted over at wpmu: At this point my real question is “how/can I mass delete a bunch of blogs and users?”

    I have a wpmu/buddypress installation for our club and it works great, love it, but the spam/splogger problems are essentially shutting us down. I’ve been using all the techniques found over the last several months to deal with sploggers, and I get a page or two a day and it’s manageable, I have some of it automated. I generally deal with it daily and it’s no problem. Something must’ve changed in how these bots make these accounts or something, or I’m just very unlucky;

    I neglected it over the long weekend and we got about 5000 sploggers and posts and there is NO way in the system that I’ve found to manage anything more than a page of 20 or so entries. I’ve covered all this in other forums and posts here to try and get this under control and I’m not here for that, that’s a loosing battle and I’m essentially done fighting it with WP. What I want to know is, can I mass delete these blogs and spammers? I went into the table directly and ran an UPDATE on all the spam bits on these users, but that’s not obviously the right way since I basically did nothing in what’s visible on the site from these users.

    I found this article:

    but it makes a lot of assumptions about your ability to decipher how i would modify that for my situation.

    Any guidance appreciated – plug ins, can I pay someone, etc…can I do something easily to change how many users are shown on the user list pages?…anything to just get it back to where I can interact with it a couple pages at a time?…

    Related to that, I’m testing 3.0rc right now and I thought that new-user moderation was going to be there, but it’s not jumping out at me? Anyone have any guidance there – I’m definitely not expending any effort into it if the spam/splogger fixes continue to be…esoteric.

    Many thanks!

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  • Not sure this will be a huge help, but may ease the torture of removing so many blogs.

    In /wp-admin/wpmu-blogs.php

    ~line 309:
    $num = isset( $_GET ) ? intval( $_GET ) : 15;

    try changing that last value after the colon to a higher one i.e 100, this should control how many rows are displayed per page.

    Sadly they haven’t thought to add a select all checkbox so there is the minor pain of having to check each in turn, silly oversight really given it’s such a common thing to code in lists such as this.

    Please note this isn’t tested , it works to control the limited number of blogs on my local test installs WPMU 2.9.2 but I do not imply any warranty in following this , test only on local dev site first.

    Other than that I would have thought you would need to work at the mysql script level to remove blogs in bulk, but you require someone with greater skills than I to advise on writing sql scripts.

    Lastly; it’s odd you get quite so many splogs and makes me wonder if there are any fixes about that you haven’t added to your site.

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