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Mass notifications of old mentions

  • Halo Diehard


    Hello, I am using WordPress 3.8.1, bbPress 1.0.4 and BuddyPress 1.9.2

    I’ve recently converted a phpbb3 forum into bbPress four days ago, and installed BuddyPress with notifications turned off by default. But today, I find a ton of emails from my site informing me that all these people have mentioned me. Now, as you probably know, these are from posts where I was quoted in phpBB3, that were converted and are now mentions, but what I don’t understand is why I’m getting slammed with them three days later, and why I’m getting notified at all when I’ve turned off notifications in my BuddyPress default settings.

    When I follow the link in the email and go to my profile, all the email notifications are turned on.

    Now, I did install BuddyPress a couple months ago, before you guys put the option to turn notifications off, but I uninstalled it. Then like I said I reinstalled it a couple of days ago and made sure that option was off by default.

    I also have a number of BuddyPress plugins. They’re all inactive for now, until I get this sorted. Nothing like having your members get slammed with emails to encourage them to come back O.o

    Any idea what’s up?

    Here’s a link to my site:

    PS: The email doesn’t mention if it’s from BuddyPress or whatever, just says “______________ mentioned you in an update:” and then has the text with the mention and a link to respond, followed by a link to disable notifications. Sound like BuddyPress?

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