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Massive(ly Overdue) Upgrade to Buddypress: 1.7.2->

  • Weshaw


    Years ago, I set up an install of Buddypress for a client. They’ve now come back and want me to update it to the current version.

    The site is currently running BP 1.7.2 on WordPress 3.5.1. I know this isn’t going to be painless — I know things will break. And I’ve been working with WP for years, so I’ve gone through the upgrade to white screen fun enough times to expect that and to not panic when it does. Still I’d like to minimize the cursing and tearing out of my hair and hope that somebody here has lessons learned the hard way that’ll help.

    For example, would it make any sense for me to upgrade incrementally (e.g, from 1.7.2 to 1.8 to 1.9, etc)? I’m assuming I’d begin by upgrading WordPress fully, too, but maybe I go back and forth incrementally upgrading WP then BP until I get to current versions? Or do I just install newest version of wp, upgrade DB as necessary, then do the same for BP?

    I’ll back everything up so I’m not terribly worried about losing data. Just, as I say, hoping that somebody might have tips to help minimize the number of times I have to start over.

    Thanks much, everybody.

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