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Maybe someone could check the theme?

  • Sven Lehnert


    I actually wrote this for the “Is bp dying a slow death?” thread, but I could not send it, the thread was closed before.
    I have build my first child theme for buddypress and tried to check it into the WordPress repository one month ago.
    But I did not get any feedback.
    After writing to ‘themes at wordpress’ I asked if I did something wrong. I want to learn, so someone should tell me what I need to change. They let me know that my theme is in the Buddypress query and it will be checked soon.
    Now it’s already 3 weeks ago and I never got any answer. Could it be that nobody from the Buddypress site feels responsible to accept new themes. I don’t say that my theme is build 100%, but without feedback I won’t improve.
    Maybe someone could check the theme?

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  • John James Jacoby


    If your theme isn’t 100% complete, then it won’t get accepted into the repository. It isn’t due to lack of responsibility, but quite the opposite. Themes in the repository are available to more than 10 million blogs all around the world. If 1% of those blogs try to download and install a broken theme, that’s 100,000 people that are frustrated instantly.

    When the bp-default theme has broken bits and pieces in it, look what happens in these forums! :D

    The best way to put your theme out there and get feedback on it, is to post it up on your own website, and use it. Setup a test installation and let people see what it can do, and have them use that website to give you that feedback. You can even setup your own group on this site too if you’d like.

    Save uploading your theme to the WordPress repository as the icing on the cake; your reward for a job well done and a theme well created. Your audience, and your spare time, will thank you for it. :)

    Sven Lehnert


    Ok, thanks for advice.

    If someone likes to play around with it, here is a test installation:
    Updates and so on will be found here:
    I will continue working on it ;-)

    Andrea Rennick


    Also, when submitting themes, there’s a HUGE checklist on the themes submissions page. Make sure you tackle each item. If you skip a bunch, then the reviews know you didn’t read that page. ;)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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