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md5 Media Renamer plugin

  • johnpurcam


    I am attempting to have every image uploaded by buddypress users renamed to a md5 hash. I am using a very old plugin called “md5 media renamer”. This plugin surprisingly still “just works”. It however causes the buddypress profile avatar upload process to fail. I suspect that buddypress also handles this process in a similar way causing a conflict.

    The plugin is available in the WP repository but is unsupported. I am unable to find an alternative.

    Is there anything your team can do to make this process work? …or maybe an option to extent the renaming of the profile avatar to all images uploaded by users?

    Your kind assistance would be very much appreciated

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  • VibeThemes


    the profile images are uploaded on wp-content/uploads/avatars/{USER ID} folder and are already md5 hashed along with suffix bpfull & bpthumb , if the plugin is renaming that as well then the profile image uploader will not work.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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