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ME – OPTIONS default display seems squirrely and illogical

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    Hi –

    Have spent quite a bit of time looking over the forum topics and have not seen this addressed. The issue appears in both the Facebuddy home theme and the Buddy Press home default theme.

    In the Member Bar, which I hope I have correctly identified, that which has home-blog-members-groups-blogs displayed, when you click on members, you go to a subdirectory page that shows two columns, ME and OPTIONS. The second column, OPTIONS, and the display to the right, seems illogical. It has no reference. The dispaly to the right of the OPTIONS column shows this:




    ‘s Activity

    hasn’t done anything yet.

    ‘s Groups (0) See All »

    hasn’t joined any groups yet.

    ‘s Friends (0) See All »

    hasn’t created any friend connections yet.

    Last Photos (5) See All »

    This user hasn’t set up this page.

    Youtube Videos See All »

    This user hasn’t set up this page.

    If you begin to click on the submenu under ME, the second column begins to show everything as it should be. But if you click on the submenu on the OPTIONS that is by default displayed, that being Activity-Blog-Wire-Friends-Groups-Flick-Youtube, you get taken sometimes to the page you expect, but sometimes to the home page, and sometimes in a subdirectory… all very strange.

    So why this weird default ‘OPTIONS?’ The main reason I ask is for our community members who will click on members nave and be taken to this strange view and they will be confused. Since I won’t be sitting next to them at their computer to explain, they will be totally confused.

    Is there a fix for this or a way to change the default display of the second column that makes more sense? Perhaps take away all the submenus under the OPTIONS column?



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  • 3125432

    Hi –

    I see Scott Baio raised the same issue in a thread reply posted just 40 minutes before this one:

    It would appear this issue remains unresolved. Concur? Thoughts?




    Aha! I have made more progress. I found the file that is the source of all this gobbledy gook?

    Here is the file:


    it provides ALL of the offending nonsensical information that displays as a default when you click on the main nav bar button for “Members.”

    Where is that can of roach spray? Bzzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzzz Whack!!!

    I am using wp 2.7.1

    I am using bp 1.0.1

    I am using Facebuddy 1.0

    Anyone got a fix? Delete the file? Delete the code?



    Burt Adsit


    What you are talking about is the facebuddy member theme. Like any other theme you are free to modify it to suit your needs.


    Hi Burt,

    Actually, the problem I was describing was being produced from that bpmember file and it was present in both the default theme and the facebuddy theme. I wasn’t trying to modify or change anything. It appeared to be a bug of some kind.

    As it was, due to another topic which I thought you and I had resolved, changing my username and then deleting the old one, came around and bit me after I deleted the old user name and was denied total and complete access to my installation. So I spent 3 hours late last night reuploading and installing Buddypress.

    Now the issue in this topic has disappeared but I still have not activated all of the plugins so I shall hold off on declaring this completely resolved.



    Sean Choe



    I found the cause of this issue. So obvious. Everyone who’s having this issue please follow this instruction!!

    DON’T REINSTALL THE WORDPRESS OR BUDDYPRESS. You should just follow the steps below.

    1. go to siteurl/wp-admin

    2. go to setting -> permalinks

    3. Change common settings EXCEPT DEFAULT. If you set it as default, the issue occurs.

    If this doesn’t work, please reply.

    Thank you all!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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