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Media Library: duplicate declaration

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  • Burt Adsit


    This may be related to your profile links issue. What blog id are you using for BP_ROOT_BLOG?

    Roger Coathup


    @Burt: I fixed the other profile links problem, but this issue with the media library remains

    … do you have any further suggestions?

    Jeff Sayre


    Concerning your answers In this thread.

    Did you install WPMU as a directory or subdomain install? subdomains

    Did you follow the detailed instructions in the WPMU’s readme.txt file about subdomain installs (listed under the heading DNS).

    Did you upgraded from a previous version of WPMU? If so, from which version? Yes,I upgraded wpmu when I upgraded bp to 1.0 (not sure what previous version of WPMU was)

    This could be an issue. You need to follow a specific WPMU upgrade path. If you do not, you can have all sorts of issues. See these links:

    Do you have any plugins other than BuddyPress installed and activated? 3 plugin widgets of my own that display posts from the database


    Are you using the standard BuddyPress themes or customized themes? customised themes

    To help you figure out what is going on, you need to distill your install down to the lowest common denominator. This means stripping out all extra stuff and focusing on the barebones environment.

    So, you need to deactivate ALL plugins except BuddyPress. You need to use the default themes that come with BuddyPress. If the problems go away, then it is related to your custom theme and/or one of more of your plugins.

    Here are a few more questions:

    1. Which hosting firm are you using?
    2. Did you manually install WPMU + BuddyPress or use a one-button installer?
    3. There have been a few changes over time to WPMU’s wp-config.php file. If you simply used an older file this could also cause problems. Always verify that the config file you are using is up to date by comapring it to the config file that comes with each, newly downloaded WPMU install package. Did you use the wp-config.php file that came with WPMU 2.7.1?

    Roger Coathup


    @jeff: I followed these instructions for upgrading Buddypress:

    and yes: I followed the WPMU installation pages, and readme.txt instructions.


    1. I deactivated the plugins… still failed (both adding friends, and media library duplicate declaration issue)

    2. I switched to the BuddyPress default themes… still failed with the media library duplicate, but I can add friends

    Hosting firm is Hostnine

    WPMU was installed as per instructions:

    Buddypress was the installation was one button installer, and instructions as per:

    wp-config.php seems fine

    Jeff Sayre


    I switched to the BuddyPress default themes… still failed with the media library duplicate, but I can add friends

    Well, one problem isolated. So, this particular issue appears to be caused by your custom theme. Make sure that you compare the header file in the bpmember theme, or even the bpskeltonmember theme, with your custom header file. You could be missing a key line or two.

    Concerning the duplicate declaration error: were you running an older version of BP before–like RC1? If so, did you delete all your old BuddyPress files from /mu-plugins/, this includes theme files.

    Roger Coathup


    @Jeff: thanks for the suggestions:

    My custom theme eader file doesn’t appear to have anything missing… my theme was essentially cosmetic changes: css, images and a change to the main menu. I’ll try recreating from scratch.

    The /mu-plugins/ directory is completely empty, any other suggestions on a possible cause of the duplicate declaration error?

    Kenneth Jensen


    Same problem here – the duplication error that is.

    The strange part is that it just recently showed up, everything worked just fine earlier.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare bp_core_signup_set_headers() (previously declared in /var/www/ in /var/www/ on line 1

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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