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Member Avatars Fail to Upload and Configure

  • Problem Summary: Member avatars are not uploading properly on our website. This site has a foundation of WPMU 2.7, BP 1.0b2 hosted on

    Problem Detail: When users register they are successfully able to specify an image file and upload it. After the user is provided their password (the second registration screen) it fails to display the image for cropping and fails to crop properly. This happens on both the registration page and on the Change Avatar page in the member profile section. I’m not convinced this is a bug as this all worked on our development server. The funny thing is both sites are hosted with the same provider,, and appear to have the same configuration. While we do have a custom theme (the original recolored), I have also swapped them out to the original and still have the same issue.

    The graphic file being used is a .png file, 72dpi, 350×350 pixels in size. This file holds both a 50×50 (centered) and a 150×150 (in the corner) version of the avatar image. Other user’s files may be different.

    I have created a page that has screenshots of the issue. These can be seen at

    Again, I don’t know if this is a bug or a configuration or server issue. As things work ok on the development site, it suggests it isn’t a bug and I don’t know where to go next with this. If anyone has any clues on this one I would appreciate reading your comments.



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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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