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Member Front Pages are missing

  • jpderboghossian


    I installed BP on my site and it was working well. But now, the “standard member front page” is gone. The page where you have your menu items: activity, messages, notifications, friends, groups, etc. What I mean by “standard member front page” is this:

    Example Profile Page

    I don’t understand how this page can disappear. Now when you login the website defaults to a “you’re now logged in as X” page. And if you navigate to the member directory and click on your profile, there is just a list of your friends and groups. No activity, no messages, no notifications tabs.

    In addition to BP, I’m using the Profile Builder plugin, and Profile Builder Customization Toolbox. In the Appearance> customization > BuddyPress nouveau settings, I have selected the enable default front page for member profiles. I also have selected the display the biographical info from the member’s WordPress profile.

    WP version:5.5.3
    BP version: 6.4.0
    Theme: Werkstatt

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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