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Member-Header.php : How to make the acitivity update shorter in the member header & delete the “View

  • kkradel


    WP 3.2.1 running BP 1.5 upgraded from 1.2.10
    Using my own custom theme

    I noticed that on some of the member/username pages that the grouping of name, last active, and last activity update, were sometimes located beside the avatar and sometimes below it, and I couldn’t figure out why until just now …

    I had inserted some text in the member-header that was a long sentence. I realized that it wasn’t wrapping when I adjusted column widths. So I put a break `
    ` in it and the user info immediately moved up next to the avatar.

    Then I noticed that the folks who had long activity updates also had their user information below the avatar instead of beside it.

    The activity update in the member-header is obviously wrapping, but it’s not wrapping according to the column width. How to edit this? Also which file has the view_link in it for the member header area (I found it for the Members Directory page) .

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  • kkradel


    So, the answer is, or rather, my answer to this, was just to remove the activity update altogether. It seemed redundant anyway and the layout looks much better without it.

    All I did was delete this line:

    Deleting any more of of the code for that line, such as the div tags or the function line screwed with the page layout.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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