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Member Header show profile field.

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    I show certain parts of a members profile in the member-header template. Why? Because I want certain items to be visible from any page that shows the member-header.

    I use this to do so:

    This works okay. But it has two problems:
    1) It removes active searchable links from the profile data. I would like the fields to display with the links just like they do in the profile loop.
    2)This method removes all formatting. One of the fields is “Bio”. A user enters their bio and uses paragraph breaks. In the profile loop the paragraph breaks are there. But with the code above it just jumbles all text together into one long text block.

    How can I call only certain profile fields outside of the profile loop and keep both links and formatting?


    How can I create a custom profile loop that only shows certain fields or profile groups? Instead of all of them.


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