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Member pages all the same widgets

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    Hi I would first like to say this is some slick software. Enjoyed trying to get what I want but running out of ideas. First off I am using darkpress theme. It took me a long time to figure out how to get the users blog to appear like the rest and I ended up coping the darkpress theme into the default to get it done. The member page was fine but their blog still appeared as the wordpress theme.

    Now I would love to remove the wp backend menus for the members. To do this I need a couple of thing. I need to make their member and blog page come with a standard set of widgets. That way they don’t need to add or remove. I know seems kinda boring but that is how I want it. So I need to figure out how to make the page same for all new members and remove the backend menus for wp.

    Thanks for all the help. I am sure I will have more questions later but this will be a great start.

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  • John James Jacoby


    By backend menus for WP, do you mean you want to totally remove access to the wp-admin area?

    This has been a common request by others as well, especially if you have blogs turned off and are trying to hide it completely for subscribers.

    If you’re saying that each member still has a blog, but you want them to be able to create new blog posts and manage their blogs through the buddypress interface, that still is not a possibility, and would require an additional plugin (in my opinion) that does not yet (and may never) exist with BP…

    It is possible to setup default widgets for blogs, it’s a little tricky though. Also, in order to setup a default member blog, I’ve found the best way to do that is to only give them one option and only have one theme turned on the Site-Admin->Themes area. There may be a way to force a default theme, but I’ve never attempted it yet.


    You said it was possible to setup default widgets for blogs, can you elaborate on that a little. Thanks. Just the file where it knows what widgets to call should be a good place to start. Been searching with no luck at the moment. Found in the home.php and index.php where it says to add widgets if there are none, but would like to put in ones from the get go.

    Thanks in advance.



    I am looking for exactly the same information.

    Is there a way to setup default widgets for blogs using the buddypress-home?

    Any code snippets are welcome!

    John James Jacoby


    As an example of how to hook into the existing WordPress functions, make a file called something like “new-blog-defaults.php” and put it in your WPMU directory. (You can name this whatever you’d like.)

    Inside that file, put…

    function nbd_widgets()  {
    // You need to know the names of the sidebar(s) and widget(s) you want to add.
    // This example inserts Categories and Tag Cloud widgets into the "blog-sidebar" Sidebar

    add_option( 'widget_categories',
    array( 'title' => 'My Categories' ));
    array("blog-sidebar" => array("categories", "tag_cloud")));
    add_action('populate_options', 'nbd_widgets');

    The last line is where this function actually gets called. It automatically hooks itself into the existing “populate_options” function that WordPress calls when a blog is created. You can use the “wpmu_new_blog” function to perform other similar actions.




    You are hitting it out of the park today!! Thanks so much for all of your help. A real value-add for me.

    John James Jacoby


    I do what I can with what I got. :)



    I was wondering if this is what you guys were looking for:

    The plugin gives you control of what menus are turned on site-wide for each member. Well, it’s kind of a “global” thing right now, but it seems to take care of disabling back-end menus.

    Here’s the description of the plugin:

    “….If, like me, you need to hide the Themes or Import Menu, or don’t want anyone messing with their Permalinks menu, or are frightened by the Delete Blog menu, this plugin will help.

    Toggles the following in WPMU 2.7

    ‘Site Administrator Gets Limited Menus?’,


    ‘Posts Add New’,

    ‘Posts Edit’,

    ‘Posts Tags’,

    ‘Posts Categories’,


    ‘Links Add New’,

    ‘Links Edit’,

    ‘Links Link Categories’,


    ‘Pages Add New’,

    ‘Pages Edit’,


    ‘Media Add New’,

    ‘Media Library’,



    ‘Appearance Themes’,


    ‘Users Authors and Users’,

    ‘Users Add New’,

    ‘Users Your Profile’,


    ‘Tools Import’,

    ‘Tools Export’,

    ‘Tools Turbo’,


    ‘Settings General’,

    ‘Settings Writing’,

    ‘Settings Reading’,

    ‘Settings Discussion’,

    ‘Settings Privacy’,

    ‘Settings Permalinks’,

    ‘Settings Media’,

    ‘Settings Miscellaneous’,

    ‘Settings Delete Blog’,

    ‘WPMU Media Buttons’,

    ‘WP Media Buttons’,


    If you use other plugins to add/disable/hide admin menus, there will be collisions/errors. Happy testing!

    Plugins adding menu pages to WPMU 2.7 Adminbar may not be hidden in all browsers.

    Favorites menu items toggle as well….”



    I found a great little mu plugin to control blog defaults on creation. It allows you to control what theme is used and many other things. The only thing it does not do is add the widgets to the blogs on creation which is the main thing I really want to figure out.

    Plugin Name: cets_blog_defaults

    Hope it helps!


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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