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Member-Pages Blank since T587

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  • I think I found out why this is. In the BP-Admin I should chose a Member-Theme… But no Theme at all is showing up there. I can’t chose anything – the pulldown is empty. What did I do wrong or what do I need to change…? Thanks for your help!

    Thanks. I did everything in the readme file. There is a theme I created and the original BP-Member-Theme (as in the download).

    The problem is, that none of them show up in the pulldown under wp-admin/wpmu-admin.php?page=bp_core_admin_settings …

    I can’t chosse a theme, therefore it cannot show the member-pages…

    Thanks fpr your patience – but please help :-)

    If it isn’t showing up in the admin area, it must just be a naming problem. It should be the structure of:


    It would seem that maybe there might be a typo on the member-theme versus member-themes or something similar?

    Trent – you are my HERO!!! ( and I am very stupid…). The problem was, that I didn’t really see, that the member-themes shouldn’t be in the THEMES-Directory anymore… Thanks alot!!!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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