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Member pages won’t display members. Please help!

  • kory27



    My issue – Member page not displaying and members

    I have confirmed signup by seeing the user in the users area. Role is subscriber.

    BP created a page called Members. I have assigned the Members as the BP Members page in Settings>Buddypress>Pages.

    When I click on this page from, it is empty.

    Any ideas why?

    Thanks for your help!

    System info:

    WP 4.4.2
    PHP 5.4.2
    Default theme 2016 to avoid conflicts while setup/learning
    Buddypress 2.5
    BP Profile Search activated
    Membership Pro

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  • Henry Wright


    Has the member who registered logged in yet? They only become active once logged in and only then will they appear in the members directory.



    Thanks for the reply Henry.

    Just to double check, I just logged in and then when to the Members page and there is still nothing.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again.



    Anyone have anything here?

    Seems like a core function and I don’t understand why it won’t work and no one in the community can give any insight into the issue.

    Thanks in advance.



    Try switching to another WP, like 2013.

    Try deactivating Membership Pro and BP Member Search.

    That should provide some clues.

    Do other BP pages work?



    I turned them both off and switched to 2014 theme. I don’t have 2013 installed, but I’m skeptical that’s it anyway.

    Nothing. I activated the Activity page too, nothing.

    I’m quite frustrated with this plugin that’s billed to work so well with so many things, yet everyone seems to have tons of issues with it, including what is supposed to be a seamless integration with Membership Pro.

    I’d love to adopt, learn, and build out upon it, but I don’t get why the simplest things that it bills itself to do, i.e. Members page, are seemingly monumental issues.

    Any one have any insight into a solution?

    Thanks in advance.



    Hi @kory27,

    checked your site and found that you haven’t setup correctly BP/WP.

    The link to members page you use is:

    Same path error for activities…

    The path should be ../ When you use this path you’ll see your members (actually 2)

    I suggest that you read carefully WP’s install documentation.
    and for BuddyPress

    Configure BuddyPress




    It was actually my permalinks settings.

    I changed that and it works, kind of. I’m quickly learning that nothing with Buddypress is as it seems and the support forum you need to budget days to get an answer to things that seem like obvious functionality. i.e. how to limit roles displayed on Member Directory pages and how to set the default role upon setup.

    If anyone has the same issue or wants to help, you can find related posts here:

    How to change role displayed on Member page Buddypress 2.5

    How to change default member role in Buddypress 2.5

    I’m quickly losing faith in the Buddypress community. It completely seems overwhelmed and not interested in what users want, but moreover, what they want to do. I’ve seen this sentiment echoed by others as well. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the project, but at the point I’ve never gotten a reply to an issue in less than 3 days. Just seems the opposite of community when no one gets back to you on direct questions with specific functionality.

    I will post in the other areas when I get solutions.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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