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member profiles that are group specific

  • daganread



    I would like to display different member profiles for different types of groups. I have 2 groups: faculty and contributor. More accurately i want to disable components like bp Links and group docs wiki for the faculty group; i settled for removing the links to such.

    i thought the best approach would be to check if a member is of a certain group and then based on the conditional statement, remove the unnecessary tabs in the profile menu. If there is a better approach. Please lead the way:) is the website. I have wordpress WordPress 3.5.1. I have buddypress 1.6.4.

    in my theme’s function.php:

    if(groups_is_user_member( bp_loggedin_user_id(), BP_Groups_Group::get_id_from_slug('faculty'))){
    		function setup_nav() {
    		      global $bp;
    		      // Remove a menu item
    		      bp_core_remove_nav_item( 'messages' );
    		add_action( 'bp_setup_nav', 'setup_nav', 1000 );

    i’m stuck because, if i make the conditional statement truthy the appropriate tab is removed. So i know i can remove nav tabs with this function. If i place the code too check if the member is a part of a certain group into something like header.php it works. BUT for some reason, together in my functions.php file they do not.

    I tried putting it into bp-custom.php, site just crashed.

    Thank you for your time, any help would be appreciated 🙂

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