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Member upset that thier BuddyPress profile is showing up in Google

  • birdy47



    A member created an account (and a profile) on the copy of BuddyPress I installed a few months ago. Today I get a frantic email telling me that their profile was showing up on Google and I was asked to remove it.

    When I logged in as admin, I was able to visit their profile and navigate to “Profile/Public”. I assume that the information this member provided in their profile was supposed to be public and that they would have known when they added the information that it was public. Yes?.

    I’ve typed their name/email into Google and I can see a LOT of other profiles and places where they created an account, added profiles and posted various things so I’m guessing that most profiles are supposed to be “public” and that this is normal?.

    I’d also like to know if there is a built-in (or plugin) method of making profiles private if possible as well as how to deal with this particular member.

    Finally, which file would I need to edit in order to change “Profile” to “Public Profile” on the sign-up page?.

    Any help is greatly appreciated as I have no idea what to do now.

    UPDATE: After the initial 50 or so sign-ups that occurred when the BuddyPress script went up, everything came to a screeching halt and I have noticed that accounts are gradually disappearing. Today, I looked at my public chat logs and discovered why. Members are deleting their accounts because they are concerned about their privacy and especially their profile details showing up in Google.

    Thank you, Birdy

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  • Boris


    If you have a look at the roadmap you can see that in the next major version we can expect fine grained privacy control.

    I believe Jeff, one of the moderators here, is working on a privacy component, that might make it into core. I don’t know when he will release it, though.

    In the meantime, you can copy registration/register.php from your parent theme to your child theme and add a sentence that profile pages are publicly accessible, so it’s not a good idea to save any credit card details…



    Thanks for the reply. Do you know (approximately) what date the version containing these new fine-grained privacy features is scheduled to be released?.

    Thanks, Birdy



    Not sure. If it’s like WP, then around every three months, so the next one should then be beginning next year. The plugin will be available earlier, I guess.



    I’ll be waiting for that plugin, if any, as well.



    I’ve put all my website as private. You can make that happen. But then you won’t get any traffic from google. It’s all a matter of how private you want it to be.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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